Kaltenbrunner updates show the beauty and difficulty of the North Ridge of K2

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner has updated her website with the second newsletter from the expedition. Photos are amongst this article. There some pictures which show the beautifully shaped snow ridge from camp 1 to camp 2.

Also these pictures show the difficulty of the mixed terrain. There is a picture of Vassily tackling this difficult terrain. Kaltenbrunner said that part of the terrain was a grade 5 difficulty.  Also some pictures show the steepness of the ridge.

They have been staying in advanced base camp during the last few days. They had planned to have it closer to the ridge but had difficulty getting all of the equipment all the way to there. Thus it is further back and camp 1 is at the start of the ridge.

Kaltenbrunner can only receive the Internet by walking 1/2 an hour away and this she has been doing to keep up with her emails. When having meals all of the expedition have it together.

Source: Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner

Maxut Zumayev has been using a GPS to record his location and at 12:40 on the 12th July it can be seen that the expedition was located at the Depo. They are on their way to camp 1 and then the ridge.


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