Nearby mountains to K2 may have summit attempts this week

This week is forecast to be the best weather of the summer so far for climbing. Many expeditions want to make an attempt on the summits of the mountains that they are climbing. But avalanches are a real risk because of the heavy amount of snow that has fallen in the last week. Expeditions and climbers are taking different approaches to this.

Of interest is those climbers who will go onto to make an attempt on K2 later. Or those that have been to K2 recently.

On Broad Peak, Field Touring Alpine are going up the mountain. The problem they have is a real chance of avalanche. The weather will be perfect for 3-4 days, but the extra snow has some worried that there will be increased danger. There will be groups climbing up and will only try for the summit if conditions are good. If not then it will be used to acclimatize for all of the climbers so that they might make an attempt next week.

FTA expedition members Sophie Denis and Rob Springer are still on Broad Peak. Sophie Denis will be making another attempt. She will be going to K2 once her efforts here end. Rob Springer may make an attempt on Broad Peak but isn’t certain that he will. He also will be going to K2 once he finished on Broad Peak.

Gerfield Goeschl and members of his expedition have made it to camp 2 on Gasherbrum 1. They are hoping to at least get to camp 3 today with a summit push this week if possible. A small part of this expedition will head to K2 after Gasherbrum 1.

Giuseppe Pompili who last year made an attempt on the Abruzzi Spur on K2, is amongst the climbers who made it to camp 2 on Gasherbrum. He hoped to have made it to camp 3 today, given that there are no avalanches. Jacek Teler is on Gasherbrum as well and is continuing to update his website. He will be going to K2 after this.


Field Touring Alpine

Giuseppe Pompili

Gerfield Goeschl

Rob Springer

Sophie Denis

Jacek Teler


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