North Ridge expedition advance 500m up K2

The North Ridge expedition has made their first steps on K2 in 2011. They have established a camp on the ridge and are hoping to establish at least another while the good weather lasts.

The setup of the camps seems to be as follows. There is the base camp where they initially setup. Then there is advanced base camp along the glacier. There is another camp called depo. This is where they must be storing quite a deal of their immediate needs. Then there is a camp called camp 1. This has a moderate elevation from the depo and appears to be at the start of the steep climb up the ridge.

They are working in groups of 3. In the first group is  Ralf Dujmovits, Maxut Zumayev and Vassiliy Pivtsov. And the second group consists of Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Tommy Heinrich and Darius Zaluski. The second group were carrying more equipment up to the first camp established while the first group pushed on further.

The first group reached a height of 5700m on K2’s North Ridge. The start of the ridge is around 5300m. Rope has been secured this far. There is good weather at the moment and they are trying to maximize this opportunity. There might be a joint assault on the second camp on the ridge because of the good weather.

Source: Kazpatriot

Maxut is carrying a GPS and his movements have been tracked. The Google 3D map can be seen below. Run this in Chrome as it complains if another web browser is used. Also click the tabs at the top of the map to the top right to if tries to load at K2 but doesn’t. The middle one will show the terrain, and thus what height they are climbing.

3D map


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