Pompili and Esfandiari have returned to Karakoram mountains

Two climbers who attempted K2 last year are going to attempt 2 different 8000m mountains in Pakistan this year. Giuseppe Pompili and Leila Esfandiari will be making attempts on different mountains. Pompili will be climbing Gasherbrum 1. He has been updating his blog and there are some interesting things in it. At the moment there is a dispute between his expedition and the Polish one. There is currently a dispute over the location of the tents.

Iranian Leila Esfandiari will arrive in Pakistan in early July. She will be accompanied by two of her fellow countrymen. She will be attempting Gasherbrum 2.

Giuseppe Pompili Blog


2 Responses to “Pompili and Esfandiari have returned to Karakoram mountains”

  1. Mehrdad Says:

    Short notice: Unfortunatly Leila have fal and passed away on her attampt, Her last wish was to be left in the montain.
    Her body rest in K4, May her soul rest in peace.

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