Caravan of camels carries North Ridge expedition onwards towards K2

The North Ridge expedition have been travelling by camels the last few days through the barren gorges on the way to K2 in China.  Maxut Zhumayev has been updating his blog in the spare moments when the caravan has been resting.

June 21

The jeep that they were travelling in, got a puncture. Several kilometres before they had gone over a sharp rock. Time was taken to replace the wheel.

Arrived at the village from where they would start trekking. The guide, Iskander, had prepared watermelon and crates of beers as gifts to the border gaurds. They met an elder by the name of Elder Daniyar-ata. He owns the camels for the expedition. They stayed in a guest room here

June 22

Woke at 6am. 40 camels were needed carrying 80-100kgs of cargo. Caravan left at 11am after the packing. The hills where they went through were barren like Mars. He got sunburned by the strong sun.

June 23

They left at 6:45. Some crossed a river barefoot, others rode the camels across. The camels were scattered over quite a distance. Thus they had time to have rest breaks and take pictures. The main caravan is going quite slow.

Source: Kazpatriot


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