Lack of snow at Concordia could mean more dangerous conditions on K2

It has been noted that there is less snow at Concordia on the way to K2. Field Touring Alpine have said that normally they would be making one more camp before Broad Peak base camp. But this year they are bypassing this camp and going straight to the base camp. The reason for this is the lack of snow at Concordia.

Last year there was a quick drop in the snow levels in this region because of the monsoon rains. But despite there not being the rains of anything like last year, there is far less snow on the approach to Broad Peak and K2.

This could mean that there is less snow on the mountains which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Climbers would have to negotiate rock and ice more. Also last year on K2 rock fall caused by higher temperature were a constant threat. Of course, we won’t know till climbers start attempting these 8000m mountains.

Source: Field Touring Alpine


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