Expedition to North Ridge slows as truck breaks down

Maxut Zhumayev has posted a lengthy article on their recent days on their expedition. There are also many photos here that are worth a look.
He said that there was a positive mood in the camp. All of the people that they had run into were friendly also. But recently there has been a delay because of a mechanical failure of a truck.
15th June
• Maxut met with close friends before leaving. He answered any questions that they had about the expedition
• 7 trunks of gear was loaded onto the bus for the trip. This included 2500m of rope and mountaineering gear
• Traveled from Almaty to Bishkek

16th June
• Found a not from Ralf Dujmovits to meet him, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Darius Zaluski. Tommy was delayed and Sherpa Lavang could not make it because of visa problems. Those that were there had morning breakfast
• Sorted out getting a visa as a matter of urgency

17th June
• Reached the border with China and went through the Turugart Pass
• At the Chinese border was met by Iskander, the leader of the Chinese tourist guide for them
• Arrived at Kashgar in the evening

18th June
• Left without breakfast
• Bought shopping goods
• Iskander went to the wrong rooms and went to Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner’s rooms instead of the Maxuts
• Kaltenbrunner later in the afternoon awarded sponsor’s boots and sunglasses to all participants of the expedition

19th June
• Traveled from Kashgar to Kargilik
• Housed in the same hotel that the 2007 Russian North Ridge expedition stayed in. Just as bad

20th June
• Departure delayed as Tommy Heinrich went missing taking pictures.
• At noon he was found and they went onto Iliko
• Road turned to dirt as they left Kargilik. Speeds were kept down

21st June
• Truck was missing with some of their gear. Iskander did not know what happened to it. Turned out a truck had broken down
• Had to lease a new truck which delayed the expedition
• Camels will be used shortly

Source: Kazpatriot


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