Kinga Baranowska arrives in Skardu

Kinga Baranowska has arrived in Skardu on her way to K2. The plane ride to get to Pakistan had to go through some storms, which she seems to think was hazardous.

On this trip she is going with Blue Sky Trek and Tours. After 2 sleepless nights they headed off on the Karakoram highway. The first day was an 8 hour journey. It was boiling hot. The temperature approached 50 degree. Others in the bus were suffering from heat exhaustion. The next day she awoke at 3am to start the journey again. The driver of the bus had to negotiate around roads where there was only a few centimetres between it and the walls.

Now that she is in Skardu the temperature is closer as they are higher and closer to the mountains. Tomorrow they head off by jeep to Askole. From Askole it will take between 6-7 days depending on the snow on the Boltoro Glacier. She also hinted that there might be less snow at base camp than there was last year.

Source: Kinga Baranowska


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