Rob Springer to start hiking to Broad Peak base camp soon

Rob Springer is still in Skardu awaiting to leave to Askole. He said that they were awaiting a liaison officer from the Pakistan army to take them to the base camp of Broad Peak. This is a sensitive area because of the tensions between Pakistan and India. There are a number of checkpoints to pass on the way to the base camp. The role of the officer will be to make sure that they are there for mountaineering and nothing that would be counter to the interests of Pakistan.

At 9am he was due to leave his hotel and head to Askole. It will take between 4-7 hours to get there by jeep. From there he will start walking to Broad Peak base camp. This will take 5 days with 5-10 hours of walking each day.

Also on Springer’s blog is a video from the hotel in Skardu .

Source: Rob Springer


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