Gerfield Goeschl announces expedition group

This expedition will be trying to conquer three 8000m mountains between  them. Gasherbrum 1 and 2 will be the main aim for most of the group. A smaller part of the group though will be trying to summit K2 up a new route near the Abruzzi Ridge.

The participants, their country of origin, and number of 8000m mountains that they have conquered is from Goeschl’s website

“The participants of the 8000 plus G1 – G2 – K2 Expedition 2011 are:

Austria: Gerfried Göschl (leader, 6), Günther Unterberger (2), Hans Wenzl (3), Dr. Stefan Zechmann, Harrer Otto (1), Hubert Leitner (1), Anton Rumpl, Karl Leitner (1)

Canada: Louis Rousseau (co-leader, 2), Justin Dubé Fahmy, Sylvain Menard, Marc-André Béliveau

Germany: Norbert Linz (1)

Great Britain: Rick Allen (4)

Italy: Giuseppe Pompili (2), Adriano Dal Cin (3), Guido Pagani, Silvano Forgiarini, Mario Vielmo (8)

Netherlands: Elio Schijlen (1)

Spain: Alex Txikon (7), Jose Carlos Tamayo (4), Juanra Madariaga (4)

Switzerland: Kilian Volken (3), Willy Imstepf ”

The main climbers for K2 out of this group will be: Alex Txikon (Basque), Gerfried Göschl (Austrian), Louis Rousseau (Canada).

Source: Gerfield Goeschl


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