Fabrizio Zangrilli arrives in Pakistan

Fabrizio Zangrilli has arrived in Pakistan ahead of another attempt on K2. He said that the monsoon season had arrived in Pakistan. Flights had to be diverted from Islamabad to Lahore because of the weather.

The newspapers had much bad press which concerned Zangrilli. One presumes that there is a lot of negative press about westerners there. Despite this, he said that all of the taxi drivers and hotel staff have been very friendly.

All flights to Skardu have been delayed indefinitely because of the monsoonal weather. Ahead lies a 30 hour bus trip. This will be spread over 2 days. These bus trips are something that he now does not look forward to. This is the 20th time he has been on the road here in one direction or another.

Source: Fabrizio Zangrilli


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