Youngest 7 summits mountaineer may goto K2 one day

British climber George Atkinson recently made the summit of Everest and became the youngest climber to have climbed the tallest 7 summits on each continent. He started climbing these mountains when he was 14 making the summit of Africa’s Kilimanjaro.

He was asked if he would be going to K2 sometime. He said that he was aware of the higher technical climbing that would be needed and also the added dangers in comparison to Everest. Much later he will consider it.

He asked a friend on the expedition to Everest what K2 was like to climb, as his friend had been there. “I spoke to one of our team who has been there and he told me about his friends who had died doing it. It’s not a mountain to do without considering what the difficulties and dangers will be,” he said.

Source: Kingston Informer


One Response to “Youngest 7 summits mountaineer may goto K2 one day”

  1. Kai West gavin Says:

    My name is Kai Gavin. I’m 19 years old. Never done a big climb. I am gonna start training to climb K2 and hopefully be able to make the climb before I turn 25. My only problem is funding the trip and finding a crew. I need advice. I want this summit more than anything.

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