Stangl will be aiming for redemption on K2 in 2011

Christian Stangl will be leaving soon for K2 on a mission to help restore his reputation. According to reports he has a permit for the Abruzzi Ridge in 2011.

Recently he has climbed Kangchenjunga( third highest in the world) a mountain of similar height as K2. He did this without oxygen. There were reports that he suffered frostbite on this summit attempt. As proof of this summit he says that he took video on the summit. He tried to keep the expedition as secret as possible. The video of Stangl on Kangchenjunga is below.

Once again it seems as if he will be attempting the Abruzzi Ridge. He knows this route well as he has been attempting to climb K2 on the 3 previous attempts of the mountain.

In 2008 the ice serac tore loose above the bottleneck and he had to retreat. In 2009 he got as far as the top of the bottleneck before deep snow prevented anyone going much further. In 2010 he made it , we think, somewhere between camp 3 and 4 on the Abruzzi Ridge. Of course, he later claimed to have made the summit which he later recanted.

He said that he wants to talk about the expedition about K2 when he gets back and not before.

This will be his fourth year on K2 and each time he has tried the Abruzzi Ridge, which he has a permit for this year.

Source: Nachrichten


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