Security will be part of climbers worries in Pakistan this year

Explorersweb has ran a piece about the security in Pakistan for those climbers and tourists intending to goto the Karakoram this year. With the Himalayan climbing season winding down, attention will soon be turned to the Karakoram and K2. Most of the climbers will be going to K2 this year, as with every year, by the Pakistan side.

Field Touring Alpine said that they believe that the conditions for westerners in the Karakoram is no different to other years. This year they have expeditions to Broad Peak and K2. They are aware of only 2 incidents where climbers were harmed. These climbers were robbed and did not have local guides with them. They believe that these were isolated incidents. In fact they believe that tourists and climbers going there is good for the economy which has been badly hit by terrorism.

But Field Touring Alpine did say that the climbers who have not been there before have expressed security reservations.  They said that these climbers get these opinions from reading the media.

One of ExWeb’s correspondents, Karrar Haidri, said that there should be no concern for tourists. ““Foreigners don’t need to be afraid, as unrest is limited to certain areas,” he said. He said that tourist operators take every precaution.

Source: Explorersweb


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