Statistics on K2

The 8000ers website has a number of statistics on K2. So far there have been 302 successful summits. On the other hand there have been 80 fatalities.

The most common route up K2 has been the Abruzzi Ridge. The next is the Cesen route.

The north side of the mountain( Chinese side) which Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and other climbers are going up was last climbed in 2007 by Kazakhstan climbers Denis Urubko and Sergei Samoilov up the North Ridge.

K2 was last climbed in 2008. If it is to be climbed in 2011 then it will be about 3 years since the last summit. Between the end of summer 2001 and the start of summer 2004 there was a similar no summits of K2.  No other 8000m mountain has such a long time since it was summited in the last 3 years. Deep snow was the reason that no one was able to make the summit in 2009. In 2010 the poor weather prevented many serious attempts to make the summit. There were only a few days which would have been good for a summit all summer.

There has been no summit of K2 in the winter. Gasherbrum 2 was the first Pakistan 8000m mountain to have been summited in the winter this year.

Source: 8000ers


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