Colorado climber aiming for highest triple peaks on each continent

A well known Colorado climber, Jake Norton, hopes to be the first person to climb all of the 3 highest mountains on each continent. Initially there was the seven summits where climbers had to climb the highest mountain in each continent; then the second summits where it was the highest 2; and now the highest 3. K2, of course, is amongst the second summits. This will mean 21 peaks in total for him to climb.

He hopes to complete this by 2014. The last 2 mountains that he will attempt will be K2 and then Kanchenjunga. In 2013 he aims to climb K2 and Kanchenjunga in 2014.

In addition to climbing all of the 3 highest peaks on each continent, he wants to call attention to the billion people needing safe drinking water and the 2.6 billion who do not have toilets of a high standard.

“I’m hoping to take the visibility of my life’s work and use it to help empower often-invisible people around the world lacking basic human needs,” he said.

Already he has climbed a number of the triple summit. Amongst these are Mt Everest,  Mt Kilimanjaro, and Mt McKinley. Norton helped find the remains of Mallory on Everest.

Source: Digitaljournal


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