Springer heading to K2 in 2011

A climber called Rob Springer is going to make an attempt on Broad Peak and K2 in 2011. He will be joining the Field Touring Alpine expedition. The reason that he is going to K2 can be summed up in these words, “For me it seems like the right mountain at the right time–the ultimate mountaineering test, combining the difficulties of extreme high altitude with the demands of technical alpine terrain.”

He says on is own website that they are first planning to climb Broad Peak and then goto K2. It seems as if the more serious attempt will be made on Broad Peak. He said that they will make ‘a relatively quick’ attempt on K2 to shorten the risk on the mountain. Also because they will have acclimatized on Broad Peak, there will be no need to do this on K2. This is what they did last year, but no one from the expedition made it to the top of either Broad Peak or K2.

The dates of the expedition are from the June 10-August 14th. They will be taking the Cesen route as Field Touring Alpine consider this to be safer, however, more steep than the Abruzzi Ridge.

Springer has climbed 2 other 8000m mountains. These are Everest and Cho Oyu. Despite all 8000m mountains being hard, these would be considered to be far easier than K2. Also he has climbed Denali in North America.

At the moment he has not started his blog but this will be where he will be detailing his efforts on Broad Peak and K2.

Springer K2 blog

Springer’s website


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