Bannon gives talk about K2

Banjo Bannon has given a talk about his K2 expeditions to the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team. He gave it so that they could raise money for a land rover.

Bannon tried to climb K2 3 times. The closest that he got was in 2006 when he got within 300m of the summit. Initially he had started climbing with Gerard McDonnell from Ireland. But a rockfall hurt McDonnell and he was unable to go any further.

But Bannon decided to make another attempt for the summit. He ended up joining 4 Russians for a final attempt. They had to wait out a number of days of bad weather. Then there was a weather window. This would be the final chance of summer 2006 to make it to the summit of K2.

Tragedy struck though at about 8350m on the final summit push. An avalanche swept down and all 4 Russians were lost dead. Bannon just survived the avalanche before turning back.

After this Bannon decided to never make another attempt of K2.

Source: Dromoreleader


One Response to “Bannon gives talk about K2”

  1. Yanas Says:

    Bannon was climbing with Russians and Pole Jacek Teler, who probably saved his life during ascent, as Bannon was shocked after avalanche and act irrational. More on

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