Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner to return to K2 in 2011

In an interview on the Desnivel website, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner has confirmed that she wants to return to K2 in 2011. She said that she is over the tragedy on K2 in 2010 when Fredrik Ericsson fell to his death on the final assault of the summit. It has taken time, but she has decided that she wants to return to K2. Even if she fails again, she will probably return, she said.

In 2010 she made it to the bottleneck at over 8300m on a final summit push before her climbing partner that day, Fredrik Ericsson, had a fall and died. This stopped her going any further.

Interesting, she said that she is considering going up another way to the summit of K2. She has been going up the Cesen route, which is the second most popular to the Abruzzi Ridge. Both routes join up near camp 4 on the shoulder. This may mean that she could do a more difficult route. Or she may head to the Chinese side of the mountain and try the North ridge. Such a route is seen to be a huge challenge and normally larger expeditions than a few attempt it.

Last year Edurne Pasaban became the first woman to have climbed all 14 8000m mountains. Kaltenbrunner said that she was happy for her. At no point in her climbing has she ever worried about being the first woman to have achieved this. If she does make the summit of K2 this year then she would be the second woman to have climbed all 14 8000m mountains. South Korean Miss Oh has 13 also after her climb of Kanchenjunga has been discredited.

Source:  Desnivel ( translated into English)


2 Responses to “Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner to return to K2 in 2011”

  1. ChamonixInsider Says:

    Full respect to this amazingly talented and inspirational climber for her decision. Go Gerlinde, go!

  2. Saraswati Says:

    yes, a lot of respect for your doing and especially for your attitude. we three secretaries in our office will listen to the radio-news again, trembling again and hope you will come back safely, with or without the top. Cause the goal only lies in the attitude, and the place on the top of the k2 is just the bonus … 🙂
    good luck, gerlinde

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