Fabrizio Zangrilli documentary of the 2009 K2 expedition

There is a documentary on YouTube about the 2009 Field Touring Alpine expedition to K2. Fabrizio Zangrilli lead this expedition and is the main focus of the documentary. The video is in 2 parts.

The documentary starts with Zangrilli arriving in Skardu which is the starting point after the expeditions arrive from Islamabad. He says that it is a privilege to lead an expedition to K2. He says that he got the chance to lead it because of his experience on previous attempts on the mountain. From there the documentary details there journey to K2 and then the attempted assault of K2.

The jeep ride from Skardu to Askole was the best he had ever been on. He said that the road had improved from  2007 when he was on it. It took only 6 hours to get to Askole.

He said that his first expedition to K2 was in 2000. He climbed to 8400m on the Abruzzi Ridge. In 2005 he and a partner climbed the Magic Line on the south face but could not reach the summit. In 2007 he and his climbing partner climbed the Cesen route. They went to the shoulder but the weather was too poor to proceed. In all he said that he has spent a year on the glacier below K2.

Ultimately their expedition failed to produce anyone who made the summit. But all returned safely.

Presently Zangrilli is leading a Field Touring Alpine group up Cho Oyu. They will make another attempt of this mountain soon after poor weather and strong winds has prevented them making a serious attempt on the summit.

Source: 2009 K2 documentary on YouTube


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