The real reason Christian Stangl came out and admitted he did not make K2 summit

Explorersweb may have been the reason that Stangl ended up holding his press conference to announce that he had not made the summit of K2. It is possible that what they did ended up forcing Stangl to come out and tell everyone he did not make the summit of K2.

Explorersweb had allowed comments on the picture of Stangl’s claimed summit of K2. What they found in this discussion was that the mountains in the background had looked very similar to a picture taken at base camp 3. This would have been on the Abruzzi Spur. The aspect of the surrounding mountains to Chogolisa in the background was just about the same as in the Stangl summit picture.

Explorersweb sent an email to Stangl the day before he made a public announcement about not making the summit of K2. They told him that they had worked out that the summit picture could only have been taken from much lower down on the mountain.

There was a picture in Jim Haberl’s “K2, Dreams & Reality“which showed a very similar ration of the background mountains. That picture was taken at camp 3. This meant that Stangl’s photo was taken at about the height of base camp 3.

What Explorersweb did next was to email Stangl and get a response before they published their findings. There ended up being no response. However, instead it looks like this forced him to hold a press conference. It has been claimed in newspapers that his girlfriend and family were responsible for convincing him of the need to express his own doubts about making the summit.

The comments on this site have also pointed out that it was taken much lower down than the summit. It was noted by this site too, but felt other evidence of the problems with the photo were stronger to show that the photo was a fake so did not go into detail on this point.

Also it must be pointed out who knows when the summit picture was taken. There was no evidence that he even went up during the period that he says that he was there. This is the third year in a row that he has been on K2, so anytime during this period he could have taken pictures at around that height. This site still believes that the photo had been doctored in Photoshop.

Source: Explorersweb


2 Responses to “The real reason Christian Stangl came out and admitted he did not make K2 summit”

  1. Marcel Says:

    It appears that dufferent sides now claim that THEY have forced Stangl to admit that he did not summit K2. This applies for Exploresweb but as well for the the Austrian weekly ‘Falter’, see:

    One interesting post comes from “Mointainhistory” in a forum of, published on 31.08.2010. It announces that there is evidence that Stangls ‘summit pic’ has been made from lower altitude and this will be made public during the next days; see:

  2. k2bottleneck Says:

    Thanks for those links. That sure was an interesting comment on the 31st of August on Bergsteigen.

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