Messner thinks Stangl may have not been coping

In an interview with the Kurier, Reinhold Messner says that only Christian Stangl himself could explain the distorted reality he had of standing on the summit of K2.This is in response to Stangl saying that he hallucinated that he stood on the summit of K2. Though he regards Stangl as one of the best climbers in the world, in terms of mountaineering he was unimportant.

Messner assumed that Stangl had made the summit of K2. If someone says that they made the summit then he accepts that they have done so. Recently, Messner has been telling others how he was impressed with the summit of K2 by Stangl. All of this has changed though with the revelation that Stangl did not make the summit of K2.

Messner wonders what excuses Stangl will come up with in the future about this climb.

Messner believes that Stangl must not have been able to cope if his perception was so wrong. The distortion was really severe in his view of what was happening around him.

Messner does not how Stangl could have mistaken the summit for another part of K2. He said, for example, that the shoulder is flat and could not have been mistaken for the summit.

As for Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Messner is critical because all of the media attention. She does not climb in an alpine style he says, rather there are fixed ropes most of the way up mountains she climbs. This includes K2.

Source: Kurier (in German)


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