Christian Stangl admits he lied about making K2 summit

There have been reports that Christian Stangl has admitted that he did not make the summit of K2 this year. ORF are reporting that Stangl did not even come close to making the summit of K2 this year. A spokesman for Stangl, Willi Pichler, has admitted that Stangl was not where he said he was, which was the summit of K2.

The photo that he showed to the world on his website, it is now claimed was taken 1000m below the summit. Readers of this website have pointed out that the aspect of this photo appeared to show it was taken much lower than the summit of K2.

At 1000m below the summit that would place the photo between camp 3 and 4, most likely on the Abruzzi Spur. This site has stated before that the photograph was likely created in Photoshop and could have been the result of more than one picture.  An original photo was never produced and the reason it wasn’t is that the EXIF data would have clearly shown that the picture was not taken when it was supposed to have been or any other information about it.

He says that he was stressed and had a fear of failure that led to the events where he said that he made the summit.

Fellow climbers Maxut Zhumayev and Torok Zsolt have claimed on their websites that there was no evidence that he was even on the mountain during this period. This calls into question exactly when the photo was taken. Zsolt claims that Stangl used bivouac gear and camped out of site of the advanced base camp during the period he was supposedly climbing K2.

When the news first arrived that Stangl had made the summit of K2 on the 12th of August it was seen as quite remarkable. Every other climber had struggled to get very far up the mountain and conditions were seen at the time as dangerous because of the weather and rockfall.

Up to this point, after coming back from K2 he has maintained that he made the summit. He has said that the accusations against him were coming from a likely source. He has also not provided anything more than the summit picture which this site showed had faults in it for authenticity.

What really happened between the 11th and the 13th of August only Stangl will be able to tell. Hopefully he will clear up any problems with the statements that he has said so far.

It is a very brave move for Stangl to admit this happened yet ultimately the truth matters more. Questions still remain about all of the events.

With this admission it means that K2 has seen no one make the summit for 2 years. Also this is the second year in a row where there has been a reported summit, only later for the facts to emerge to say that it did not occur.

Source: ORF (in German)

Source: Bloomberg


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