Polish expedition to attempt Broad Peak maybe also K2 in winter

There will be a Polish expedition to the Karakoram in the coming winter hoping to be the first expedition to have climbed an 8000m mountain in Pakistan. They will attempt to climb Broad peak first, but they also have a climbing permit for K2.

Artur Hajzer will lead the expedition. Joining him will be the climbers who scaled Nanga Parbat recently as part of a Polish expedition. Hajzer said that the climbers have gotten to know each other on that expedition which will be an assistance when they make the attempt on Broad Peak. There will be 8 Polish climbers and 2 HAPs on this expedition.

They are focused on climbing one 8000m mountain in summer and then one in winter too. Hajzer is hoping to train some younger climbers as part of these expeditions.

They will begin their attempt in December.

The task will be daunting though. There are shorter days in winter which means much shorter climbing times each day. Also the weather will be colder than it is in summer.

Source: Explorersweb


2 Responses to “Polish expedition to attempt Broad Peak maybe also K2 in winter”

  1. Asghar Ali Porik Says:

    Dear Readers, We will up date you on the Polish Winter Broad Peak Expedition 2010/2011. We are the ground agent for this expedition. Right now we are send more then 200 porters load to broad peak base camp. The Polish Expedition is plan to arrive in December, 2010 in Islamabad, Pakistan.

    • k2bottleneck Says:

      Thankyou for providing that update on the expedition. We look forward to updates on how the expedition is going later in the year.

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