Alan Hinkes climbing all highest mountains in English counties

Alan Hinkes is trying to break a record by climbing all the highest mountains in each of the 39 counties in England. He began his quest on the 27th of August in his home county of Yorkshire. He had the aim of finishing on this Saturday at Scafell Pike in the Lake District.

He was the first Briton to have claimed to have climbed all of the 14 8000m mountains in the world. But later his ascent of Cho Oyu was disputed and is generally not accepted.

Hinkes climbed K2 in 1995 after several attempts. Days after he left K2 Alison Hargreaves and 6 other climbers perished in a fierce storm on K2.

Source: Kent news


3 Responses to “Alan Hinkes climbing all highest mountains in English counties”

  1. Dromaludaire Says:

    Actually, Alan Hinks is not

    • Dromaludaire Says:


      What I wanted to say : Alan Hinks is not a considered as member of the 14x8000ers list. According to Eberhard Jurgalski or Elisabeth Hawley, he did not reach Cho Oyu summit and you won’t find his name on official records.

      More here :

      Especially : “Alan himself said later that he continued alone for one hour into the fog to find the true summit. He said that he “has no proof to have not been to the summit” and so he counts it a done deal. The statistician’s didn’t buy it, and Alan was deleted on all of the Cho Oyu lists.”

      • k2bottleneck Says:

        Thanks for that information.
        You are right with that information. I will amend the article with that. I should have said that at the beginning.
        In the interviews that I have heard with Alan Hinkes he has said that he will never go back up Cho Oyu because he says that he made the top. He will not accept that others think he did not make the top. So he will never be credited with making the 14 8000m mountains.

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