Stangl refuses to provide anymore evidence of K2 summit

In an interview with Explorersweb Christian Stangl says that he will not be providing anymore evidence of the recently claimed summit of K2. The evidence that they asked for were summit photos and a GPS reading. Stangl has claimed in the past that he took 2 photos from the summit and a GPS reading. But now he has changed his mind and will no longer be proving evidence of the summit.

Explorersweb interviewed him to see what he had to say in regard to the criticism that he faked the summit of K2. The interview goes in to depth on the climb. Explorersweb at one point said that with such a detailed account all that was needed was the raw photo from the summit and a GPS reading to prove he was on top …..  But Stangl in the end refused to provide them with one.


Stangl said that he went from base camp to advance base camp on the 10th of August. He slept there till midnight. He left some of his gear outside to prevent it being swept aside by an avalanche.  Then he climbed up K2 during the night so as to avoid rockfall. Camp 1 was not in existence anymore and he skipped camp 2. So the next camp he stopped at was camp 3. The weather was poor at camp 3 but he rested about 10 hours there.

Between camp 3 and 4 he found some sections were hard to climb because of the deep snow. But once he managed to get onto the shoulder the conditions for climbing improved quite alot. Everyone wants the bottleneck fixed with ropes but it is only about 50 degrees in slope. Thus he didn’t fix the route.

The conditions on the traverse were windy and he climbed it as quick as possible and then made the summit. Because it was done in such a hurry he did not have time to enjoy the moment on top.


Visibility was poor beneath the shoulder. This slowed him down. When at camp 3 he stopped and rested. But he did not use the tent as he thought others might use it later. He left his gear in camp 3 as there were fixed ropes all the way to advanced base camp.

He slept again at 5600m and awoke and went down to advanced base camp in the morning.

Reason he will not provide more evidence of K2 summit

Stangl says that he has received threats and blackmails and thus refuses to discuss let alone defend his summit of K2. He said that is of no importance to him to be on any summit list. He climbs just for his own pleasure. If climbing 8000m mountains involves all of these rumors and threats then he is not interested in being part of this climbing community.

Explorersweb conclusion: not enough evidence provided

In conclusion, Explorersweb say that there was no evidence of his ascent such as tracks or that he’d used any of the base camps. With multiple accounts from climbers there is lots of information to say that there was no evidence he did climb K2. And until he provides more evidence like the original photo or GPS then the summit cannot be accepted.

Source: Explorersweb


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