Stangl says claims he did not make K2 summit ‘completely absurd’

Christian Stangl has responded to accusations that he did not make the summit of K2. Stangl says he knows from which corner these accusations have come from. He must be referring to Maxut Zhumayev and Torok Zsolt. He called the accusations completely absurd.

When he was on the summit he snapped the photo that has been published on his website and took a GPS reading.

He said that he was fresher than the other climbers because he arrived later. For example, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner arrived in mid June. He arrived at K2 base camp on the 10th of July. This kept him in better physical condition.

Part of the reason that he made the summit, he said, was that he gambled correctly. The Innsbruck meteorologist had told him that there would be clear weather on the 12th of August. He took the chance that it would be and in the end it paid off and he made the top. He said luck was also with him as the terrain was nearly perfect too. Through the bottleneck he went as quickly as possible to minimize problems.

At the moment he is preparing for the climb later this year of Mt Tyree in Antarctica. It is the second highest mountain in that continent.

Source: OE24


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