Pompili says Stangl wanted to climb K2 ‘No matter the means’

There has been a comment left on Torok Zsolt’s K2 blog purportedly by Giuseppe Pompili. He was part of an Italian expedition to K2 this year.

Pompili said that he was not surprised by the accusations against Christian Stangl. And here is why.

Before Pompili left K2 on the 27th of July he had a talk with Christian Stangl. Stangl had plans to go to Mt Tyree in Antarctica in December which was going to be costly and Stangl had said that he could not afford to make another attempt of K2.

This was because Stangl was also in competition with another climber to be the first to climb the second highest mountains on each continent. This climber is the famed Italian climber Hans Kammerlander. The other climber had climbed K2 thus Stangl might not be the first to complete all first and second highest mountains in the world. This pressure may have been telling on Stangl.

Pompili has allegedly said that Christian Stangl was so desperate to summit K2 that he would have been prepared to do anything to make the summit. He is suggesting that Stangl may have resorted to other means to claim the summit of K2, like the deception that Zsolt suggested.

The conversation that Pompili had with Stangl before he left now makes more sense to him now that he has heard the claims of Torok Zsolt that Stangl faked his summit of K2.

Time ran out for Pompili in later July without him being able to make a serious attempt on the summit. He had been climbing up the Abruzzi Spur. His tents were destroyed by the storms along with others before the 25th of July at camp 2.

Source: Torok Zsolt


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