Stangl says he spent only 30 seconds on K2 summit

Christian Stangl has given an interview with the Austrian Krone. These are some salient points.

He said that he took 2 photos while at the summit of K2. He did not spend very long on the summit though. He was only there for 30 seconds and then left.

He felt incredibly tired after the effort. By taking no oxygen then that meant that he would be more tired. The climbing was easier he said because he was not in waist deep snow because much of snow had melted and more rocks were exposed. While on the bottleneck he felt fear but went on regardless.

A big cat came within 5 feet of him while he rested under a rocky alcove at 5600m. His camera did not have batteries charged though to take a picture of it.

Of course there have been serious doubts raised about whether he even made the summit or got even near it. Many climbers if not all of them at K2 base camp believe that the whole story is a hoax.

Source: Krone (in German)


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