Meagan McGrath heads out of Pakistan to Kathmandu

Meagan McGrath has finally left Pakistan after a difficult route to Islamabad due to the flooding in Pakistan. She was part of the Field Touring Alpine expedition.

On the 13th of August she reported in at Skardu after arriving there from K2 base camp. She said that the flooding was significant. The roads and the crops had been damaged by the floods in the area surrounding Skardu. She was certain then that Fabrizio would be not making another attempt but would be headed to Skardu in a few days.

It was cloudy on the way to Skardu which was good because it stopped the extreme heat of the sun while walking. On the first night from K2 base camp a large rain storm hit but they were luckily under shelter at that time. Along with her were 2 Italians from the ATP team.

On the 15th of August she reported in to say that they had passed Askole. The road had been blocked by the recent flooding and damage to the roads. To get there they had to walk over swollen rivers and mud slides. They had intended to take a jeep from there to Skardu. They did get the jeep but as they were driving along they had to cross rivers, mud slides and quite sharp corners. Eventually they came to a mud slide that was too much for the jeep. There were 5 people in the jeep: McGrath, 2 Italians, another member from ATP and the driver. They tried to put rocks under the wheels to make it go further. They ended up having no luck

They arrived in Skardu and hoping to get a flight the next day. But the ATP representative apparently had not booked the flight for her out. But the 2 Italians were able to get out on their flights. Also it was raining there and the flights do not leave unless there are clear days. She has been eating lots of cookies and coke.

On the 17th of August she arrived in Kathmandu from Islamabad. She got most of her gear on the flight and she said that ATP was very good at getting her luggage all on the one flight. Because the Ramadan was on in Islamabad it was hard to get a meal there during the day. So in Kathmandu she has been eating quite a lot.

Her next meeting is with an Asian trekking company to discuss what she is going to do after trying to climb Cho Oyu. Initially she was going to climb Shishapangma. While on K2 she hard that there was not many summits of the mountain on the route that she was going to do. She thought what’s the point of going if there is no chance making the summit. At the moment she is looking at her options. Her plan is to try climb all of the 14 8000m mountains so another 8000m mountain might be part of her plans after Cho Oyu.

Source: Meagan McGrath mp3 13th August

Source: Meagan McGrath mp3 17th August


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