Christian Stangl talks about his summit of K2

Stangl has given a press release about his recent summit of K2. He has provided a picture and a detailed account of his summit of K2 on his website.

He started at 5pm climbing up the Abruzzi Spur. He took no tent and decided to travel lightly. There was also no oxygen used. This is the way that he typically climbs mountains. There was no one with him on this attempt. He had one stop on the way which was at camp 3 which is at the height of 7300m. It was snowing the whole time that he climbed.

The weather was good for a final push, he said. The meteorologist had said that there would be a weather window for him to make a summit push. He is thankful for him for giving him the information to be able to do this. His entire plan had come down to this forecast being correct.

From the shoulder the terrain was easier than it had been last year. There was not the deep snow as before. The footing was firm. When he made the summit he did not feel overwhelming joy. Rather he felt a bit dull, probably after the exertion of getting up there. He took a few pictures and left the summit area quickly.

Once again he went down the Abruzzi Spur. However, he did not exactly trace the way he came up. He could not because some of the ropes were too slippery to rappel down. He had to travel some of this at night with only the GPS to guide him.

At midnight exhaustion overtook him and with no tent he found a rocky alcove to sleep in. He awoke when it was starting to get daylight at around 4am.

He said when he awoke there was a cat like animal not far from him. Others at base camp said that it was likely a snow leopard. He said that he was freaking out having seen the animal. He was not sure what it was. But he joked maybe the story of the Yeti is not a legend. But this animal stood on 4 paws.

It took him 70 hours to climb K2 and return. He said that if climbing was always like this then he would quit because it was so hard.

The next mountain that he is going up is Mount Tyree in Antarctica. He needs to complete this to have made the summit of all of the 2nd highest mountains on each continent. This mountain is a mystery he believes. There have been very few summits of it. It is not far from the highest mountain in Antarctica Mount Vinson.

First though he will prepare for it in the Andes. And then in December he will go to Antarctica to climb Mount Tyree

Source: Christian Stangl


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