Stangl heads out of base camp

After a massive effort getting to the top of K2 and then resting for 2 days, Christian Stangl is on his way to Askole. Along with him are some porters carrying his gear.

He said that his kidneys are causing him some pain. Possibly it is because of all of the liquids that he has drunk over the previous few days.

After Askole he will go to Skardu and then to Islamabad. This will be a jeep ride to the capitol of Pakistan. He is hoping to have a good meal once he reaches there.

This was his third attempt to climb K2. He was there in 2008 when a huge serac fell and a number of climbers were killed. In 2009 he tried to make the summit but deep snow prevented an opportunity near the bottleneck. This year he said conditions were much better in terms of being able to move faster. The snow was less deep from the shoulder.

He said that you are either lucky or unlucky when confronted by a mountain like K2.

Source: Kleinezeitung

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