Christian Stangl summits K2

In a fairly remarkable turn of events, Christian Stangl says that he has made the summit of K2 on Thursday. While other teams have left and others turned around, Stangl says that he has made the top of K2. He would be the only one in 2 years to have done this.

He said that he has been climbing for 70 hours. He made the summit at 10am. The satellite phone that he was using had a dead battery so he was not able to phone others from the top. He says he made a few quick pictures and then started the descent. It is likely that he took the Abruzzi Spur up and down.

The descent was quickly made but he could not make it to base camp before dark. So he slept under a rocky alcove. He does not know how long that he slept there.

Stangl is now exhausted after 70 hours of climbing and is at base camp. He is extremely happy after finally conquering K2.

If climbing was always like the last 70 hours then he said that he would quit. This was the most dangerous mountain that he has been on.

Source: Christian Stangl

Source: Steiermark


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