Kinga Baranowska not likely to make K2 summit this year

Kinga Baranowska says that she probably will not make the summit of K2 this year. Her porters have been called to carry her gear back. They are 5 days away. But if a miracle happens and there is good weather over the next few days she will again try for the summit. The forecast is not for ideal conditions though over the next few days.

There are still some strong climbers left, she said. This includes the Kazakhstan climbers Maxut Zhumayev and Vassily Pivtsov who have already climbed 13 8000m mountains.

Many of the climbers have been injured by falling rocks this year, she said. The rocks are loose from the warmer than usual temperatures. She is scared that she might be climbing ahead and knock rocks onto the climbers below her.

It is very dangerous on K2 at the moment, she said. Many of the ropes have also been ripped apart and the tents have tears in them. Falling rocks have been a common occurrence.

Source: RP.PL in Polish


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