Camp 3 on Cesen ruined by falling rocks

The tents and equipment at camp 3 on the Cesen route has been pillaged by falling rocks over the last several days. On the way up they had reported that rocks had gone right through some of their tents. This had put holes in their tents. They had slept then with their helmets on.

When they came back to camp 3 there was much more damage this time. The tents were essentially ruined by the falling rocks. There were holes of varying sizes and tears through them. When they were seeing out of their tents they were looking through the holes created by the rocks. Fabrizio slept with his helmet on so as to prevent rock fall causing serious personal harm as were others.

Everyone is obviously still very upset with what happened to Fredrik Ericsson yesterday. The members of Field Touring Alpine got to know and like him.

Kinga Baranowska said she was crushed when she heard of Ericsson’s death. She has abandoned her summit plans for now and was heading down K2 also. She had stayed in her tent while Kaltenbrunner and Ericsson were making a summit bid. She was just waiting for the weather to improve.

They will descend to camp 2 and further in the morning when the weather is colder. The plan was to set off at 3am and go down to base camp today. The colder conditions would mean the warmer air would not be able to loosen the rocks from the ice.

However, they ended up having to leave a few hours later. There were winds and snow at 3am and later which meant that they had to wait till this abated.

Source: Field Touring Alpine

Source: Kinga Baranowska


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