McGrath was too ill to continue climbing up

Meagan McGrath explained why she turned around the other day and headed back to base camp.

She said that she made it to camp 2 with no problem. Then when she went from three to camp there she started puking. Whenever she had a drink she would bring it back up. This meant she had very little energy. This slowed her progress down. When near camp 3 she made the decision to turn around.

On the way down she got pelted with rocks. One of them smashed her on the head. Also she had her finger in the wrong spot and that got hit also.

She also had to wait while an avalanche passed going down. K2 is a serious challenge she said. You don’t do it for fits and giggle. She said she learnt a lot about climbing the mountain. When she first started her goal was to summit it. Then when she got on it she realized that goal was a bit lofty. She used the remaining time to see what she could learn if she is ever back to give it a go again.

K2 was falling apart she said. The conditions were very hazardous.

Source: Meagan McGrath mp3


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