Kaltenbrunner and Ericsson going for summit, others at camp 4

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Fredrik Ericsson are the only climbers going for the summit today. Conditions were worse than was forecast.

All of the other climbers who had made it to camp 4 yesterday by the Cesen route are holed up in their tents. They are not going to go for the summit today. Instead they will see how the conditions are tomorrow. They found that the conditions were difficult for climbing. There were winds, snow and difficult terrain to climb in that weather. Field Touring Alpine said that they could hear the wind against the tent when Fabrizio Zangrilli called in to say he had called off his summit attempt.

George Dijmarescu reports that the conditions were good at around midnight. But during the morning the conditions worsened and he says there was a storm. There was low visibility and lots of cloud cover. He said that it was not possible to know how far Kaltenbrunner and Ericsson got before a storm hit.

Kaltenbrunner and Ericsson were last seen somewhere in the vicinity of the bottleneck going up.

Source: Everestnews

Source: Field Touring Alpine


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