Rock falls and high temperatures on way up K2

Climbers have been experiencing high temperatures on their way up K2. Trey Cook reported that temperatures had reached over 40 Celsius (100 F). Throughout the day avalanches and rock fall could be heard.

These high temperatures have had an effect on the ice and snow on the mountain. The snow and ice that was holding the rocks have melted away and the rocks are held much looser. Some of them have been falling down the mountain. One rock fell right through the tent of Cook and Ericsson the size of a grapefruit. They were astonished when they saw this. It put a hole right through the tent.

The goal of Cook and Ericsson today was to get up at 5AM and to get to the shoulder by 3PM. This will give them enough time to rest and get ready for the summit attempt later tonight. When it gets close to midnight they will set off for the summit.

Cook was confident of the chances of getting up K2. But he said they would not know till they got higher and were able to see what the conditions are like higher up. The weather was excellent, the climbers are feeling strong and the mountain was apparently showing some compassion to them.

Source: Fredrik Ericsson website


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