Cook reaches C3, Kaltenbrunner and others at C2

Trey Cook was the first to arrive at C3 on the Cesen route. Cook left a day earlier than Ericsson. He left a day early because he wanted to have a rest day. If he was with the others then it would be full speed ahead each day. He is presently at C3 and is resting and awaiting the others to get there.

There were some other climbers at C2. This included: Fredrik Ericsson, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Ralf Dujmovitz, and Meagan McGrath. This was at 6400m. They climbed in warm temperatures with scattered cloud.

The plan is that all of the climbers will go up to C4 on Thursday. Ericsson is planning to getting to the summit before 2PM on Friday. If he does then he will have enough time to ski all of K2. He may use the headlamp if it starts getting dark while he is skiing down.

The summit day weather forecast is very good. Friday is predicted to be a clear and warm day with low winds. The climbers must be confident about the conditions hearing those forecasts.

Source: Fredrik Ericsson website


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