Meagan McGrath going up Cesen on Monday

Meagan McGrath has been relaxing the last few days as the weather set in but is ready to start a summit attempt on Monday. One of the things she did was to relax in the last few days was to watch a movie with Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Ralf Dujmovitz in their tent.

It has been raining quite a lot at K2 base camp over the last several days. She said that above 6900m that it is probably snowing a lot too. But when she called in it was a clear night. This meant that there was no rain and the snow might start to get harder for when they start climbing. On August 1st she will be resting and on the 2nd start on a summit attempt.

This will be her last attempt this year on K2. There was a hint there that she might come back if this fails. The conditions she said were dangerous. Fabrizio told her of what to expect when going up. She said she would use her best judgment.

Chris and Brian are not going on this final summit push. That means that it will be just her and Fabrizio from Field Touring Alpine who are left to try for the summit.

Source: Meagan McGrath mp3


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