Field Touring Alpine to make another summit start on 2nd August

Field Touring Alpine is going to start their summit attempt on Monday. There could be a good weather window in the next few days. The weather forecast says that there will be low winds from the 3rd of August to the 5th. This has made FTA decide to attack the mountain at this point. They hope to be within range of the summit on the 4th or 5th.

Fabrizio Zangrilli, expedition leader, said that there are a number of positives about what is going on. There are camps that are stocked with equipment all of the way to C4. There is also a strong contingent of climbers who are ready to make an attempt to reach the top. Also this time both routes will have climbers going up to hopefully meet on the shoulder of K2. Fabrizio has now been up and down a route on K2 10 times over the times he has been to the mountain.

FTA has been reduced in numbers so that now only 4 remain with 2 porters.  Along with Fabrizio are Meagan McGrath, Chris Szymiec and Brian.

There maybe problems with the weather though. Though low winds are forecast, rain is expected on lower slopes and snow higher up.

The FTA members that left Broad Peak and headed home have faced difficulties with the wild weather. With the monsoon rains, it has caused avalanches on their way. They made it to Skardu but are holed up there because of damage to the roads.

Source: Field Touring Alpine blog


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