Ericsson and Cook to set off Monday for summit bid

Trey Cook and Fredrik Ericsson are going to launch a new attempt to climb K2 on the 2nd of August. FTA are also going on Monday and there maybe other parties that will also. The weather forecast is for there to be light winds from the 3rd to the 5th of August. Ericsson said that he is planning a 5th of August summit.

Trey Cook also talked a bout their last trip up K2. he said that there was snow and hard blowing winds on the way up. Between C2 and C3 the climbing was easy as the wind had compacted thew snow so it was easy to walk over.

It was going from C3 to C4 where it started getting tougher. There were old ropes from years gone by on the way. The footing underneath though was not easy. It was steeper and in the end took much longer than they wanted.

At one point Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Ralf Dujmovitz her partner, went passed them and this showed him just how fit and strong that they were.

At one point Fabrizio Zangrilli called out behind them that it was getting dark and yet they were still 250m from where they would have liked to have camped. They kept going for an hour and a half before they setup their tents still well below where they wanted to be. There simply was not enough time to brew liquids and be ready for an assault later that night. Despite this he said that Fredrik Ericsson would have pushed for the summit had anyone else been interested.

They will stay as long as possible to complete this, he said. That is to summit K2 and to ski down. Though Cook said that skiing down might not happen if the conditions do not allow it. He joked that they are down to their last jar of Nutella and when that runs out he doesn’t know how they will cope.

Source: Fredrik Ericsson Twitter

Source: Fredrik Ericsson website


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