Miotk to return home

Marcin Miotk has packed his gear and is now headed for home. He was unsuccessful making a last attempt on K2 and his time merely run out for him to give it another go.

He made it up to C3 on K3. He felt quite good and felt he had the energy to make it up to the shoulder of K2. Then he had to make a decision to go further or not. The weather had worsened and the wind was blowing quite hard. Also he had no climbing partner. The others were well ahead of him.

This was going to be his last attempt for the year of climbing K2. He believed that with the worsening weather that he probably was not going to reach the summit of K2 anyway. The thought came to him to reach the shoulder of the mountain and go out on a high having reached as far as he could. But in the end he thought that would be foolish. The risk for merely making it to the shoulder and not the summit was not worth it.

Miotk’s plane leaves on the 7th of August. So now he will be trekking out of the Karakorum.

Source: Marcin Miotk


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