Kaltenbrunner discusses her recent summit attempt

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner has updated her website to talk about her recent attempt to make the summit of K2. She made it to C4 on the shoulder of K2 before turning around.

On the 24th she set off with the following climbers: her husband Ralf Dujmovitz, Fabrizio Zangrilli, Fredrik Ericsson, Trey Cook and 3 Polish climbers from base camp.

Up to 7100m the conditions for climbing were good. There had been snow storms in the previous days with lots of winds. The wind had swept away alot of the snow so it made it easier up to this height.

The wind had removed much of the snow from here on, leaving them to climb on brittle rock from about 7500m. They had to be more careful climbing on this. This slowed them down considerably. She had in her mind a clear idea of what the climbing conditions would be like having been on this route many times before. But the wind had created climbing conditions that she had not encountered before here.

When they arrived at the shoulder, she discussed with her husband the possibility of  going for the summit later that night. But the weather changed and they decided it was best to go back down.

Kaltenbrunner was not aware that C2 on the Abruzzi Spur had been destroyed by wind. They were expecting to meet up with climbers from this route.

She is hoping to get other chances to go for the summit with good weather. At the moment it is just a waiting game. The weather forecast for the next several days is not ideal for climbing.

Source: Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner


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