Wilkinson writes book on 2008 K2 tragedy

Freddie Wilkinson has written a detailed account on what happened in 2008 when 11 climbers died on K2. The reason that he wrote it was that he felt the whole truth had not come out about the events. The book is called, “One Mountain, Thousand Summits.”

To get to the truth he believed that he needed to talk to the Nepali Sherpas who were there that day. 4 out of the 6 are still alive. He traveled so that he go and interview them. Because they are so well acclimatized compared to westerners they were thinking more clearly that day and thus could remember events better  than those around them.

What emerges, he says, is that there were too many climbers trying for the summit all at once. They also gave too much energy to reach the summit and had little to come down. It was a series of mistakes

He said that he went and interviewed the families of those that died on that day. He tried to see what impact it had on their lives.

Source: One Mountain, Thousand Summits


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