Summit bid may be over on K2 for now

FTA have just reported that C4 has been established on the shoulder of K2. To get there though took a tremendous toll on the climbers. The snow was very deep from C3 to C4. FTA said that there maybe an effort in the morning to climb further but it may be unlikely from some if not all of the climbers to push on through some of the more difficult parts of the climb to the summit.

That is not to say that there will be no effort made to go for the summit. There maybe an attempt but this will require a further serious amount of effort. One would have to think Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner would be desperate to climb K2 after the disappointments on there in recent years. The climbers must be tired but they have to assess whether there can be a reasonable chance of another attempt within the next few weeks.

Fabrizio Zangrilli is the lead member of the FTA expedition. He may decide to setup C4 on the shoulder for when others from the expedition attempt the summit in the next few weeks.

They are the first climbers to reach the shoulder on K2 this year. And it is not till one gets there is there any indication of the climbing conditions to make the summit.

Source: Field Touring Alpine


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