Cook and Ericsson reach C3

It has been confirmed on Fredrick Ericsson’s website that they reached C3 on the Cesen route today. They are hoping to get to C4 tomorrow. This is on the shoulder of K2 and about 600m from the summit. The goal then would be to make an attempt on the summit.

There were strong winds on the way up. It didn’t blow them off their feet but it was strong and made climbing uncomfortable. It blew at 60km/h for most of the day. Tomorrow the weather is expected to be less wind and be better than what they have encountered on the way up.

They are not aware of how the climbers are going on the Abruzzi Spur. There is hope that they will meet up with the stronger climbers who are coming from this way. As has been reported though camp 2 was destroyed by wind on the Abruzzi Spur so at this point it is not clear who is continuing further up on this route. They would hope though that all of the climbers can team together and work their way to the summit from C4.

Both of them are in good condition. They said that the views are absolutely stunning of the surrounding peaks.

Source: Fredrik Ericsson


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