Storms wreck tents on Abruzzi Spur

The climbers who set out on the Abruzzi Spur were in for a shock when they arrived at C2. The storms of recent days had torn their tents to shreds. Their belongings inside, including sleeping bags, were thrown out of the tents and for some lost forever.

Giuseppe Pompili gave this news after having gone to C2 on his summit attempt. Unfortunately, he is headed home. His equipment has been torn to shreds at C2. Plus even if he had additional gear, time is running out for him to climb the mountain. He did say that there might be another chance for climbers in August for those that stay. He also understood the disappointment of Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner last year when she had to turn back because of deep snow.

As for the weather forecast it did not turn out as expected. He had thought that it said that there would be good climbing conditions. However, he found that the wind was blowing very hard. This made climbing very difficult.

He said that he probably will never return and try climb the mountain again. Time and money mean that only one attempt could be made of the mountain.

Source: Giuseppe Pompili


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