Meagan McGrath descibes life at K2 base camp

FTA have moved over to K2 base camp from Broad Peak in the last few days. Meagan McGrath is one of the climbers part of this expedition. She said it took about an hour to trek from the Broad Peak base camp to the K2 one. They had to move stones so that their tents had a solid platform.

On the 21st and 22nd of July there were snow storms with high wind speeds and lots of snow falling. There was not alot they could do because of this but eat and talk to others.

McGrath described what may happen with the conditions on K2. After the snow storm there would be loads of snow. The wind would then take some of the snow off. Then the sun would come out and avalanches would clear more snow. Then it would be better for climbing.

Source: Meagan McGrath mp3


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