Weather delays expected summit push

There has been bad weather at K2 for the last few days. Quite a deal of snow has fallen at base camp. Both Giuseppe Pompili and Kinga Baranowska have provided pictures at base camp. When looking at the photos one can see that the tens are perched on the available rocky parts. There is lots of snow around the tents from the recent snow storm.

The push to the summit might be delayed by a day or 2 though. Initially they were starting on the 23rd of July because the weather forecast said that it would good climbing conditions. However, there may be better conditions coming up in the next few days to at least the 27th. The heavy snow fall is expected to recede. From the 27th the weather forecast says that there will a continuation of the heavy snow fall at base camp.

There is also expected to be less cloud cover on the 23rd and 24th of July, but on the 25th it is expected to have heavy cloud cover. From the 27th to the end of the week there will be cloudy conditions according to the weather report.

Source: Meteoexploration

Source: Giuseppe Pompili

Source: Kinga Baranowska


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